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Mitsotakis heralds growth of 4% per annum from TIF

Featured Mitsotakis heralds growth of 4% per annum from TIF

"I ask from the Greeks to work all together to build a new contract of trust" said New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his speech at the Congress Hall "Ioannis Vellidis" in the context of the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF).

The main opposition leader sternly attacked the government saying that "This year's TIF is held in the shadow of huge grief. It coincides with the sad epilogue of a failed government" said Mitsotakis.
He expressed his deep concern over the "the low birth rates" because "Greece is gradually getting older and is losing its financial dynamic" and warned that the danger for Greece has not passed yet. As long as the country does not borrow from the markets, its position is extremely unsecure" he said and called on the Greeks "to work all together in order to build a new trust contract".
"In 12 months, I will come to TIF as prime minister" said Mitsotakis and referred to the six goals that "can become the meeting point of a broad social majority".
The first goal is a society that offers opportunities for growth and prosperity to all, the second is a productive economy, a digital and innovative economy that will attract investments, the third an operational political system and an effective state. The fourth target is the education that prepares the future, the fifth a country that considers the rule of law and the safety as prerequisites of the democracy and finally, the sixth goal is a country that will not only belong to Europe and to the NATO but will also participate in their configuration by combining the national priorities with the community's responsibilities and the alliance's necessities.

"Greece can grow in the next ten years with average rate 4 percent and the debt to be drastically reduced" said  Mitsotakis noting that " 700,000 new job positions can be created in the next five years" adding that the Greeks that left the country to receive the message to return to their country.
He criticised the programme applied in Greece saying that "it is wrong and disastrous".
Referring to the economy and particularly to the taxation, Mitsotakis noted that ND "will reduce the taxation and the contributions everywhere" and pledged to drastically reduce the VAT for catering immediately from 24 percent, that is today, to 13 percent and later to 11 percent for all the tourist package of catering and accommodation. He also said that "the VAT that burdens the businesses' profits will fall from 40 percent that is today to 24 percent".
Finally, referring to the Real Estate Property Tax (ENFIA) Mitsotakis said that ND will implement its commitment to reduce the ENFIA by 30 percent and suspend the VAT on the building activity for three years.
On the pensions, the main opposition leader underlined that he will maintain the national pension and the first pillar but the system will become more rewarding and explained that the contributions for the main pension from 20 percent that are today will (in a four-year period) be gradually reduced, to 15 percent. The workers will be also in position to choose if their money will go to public or to private insurance funds. 
Referring to the minimum wage, he said that it will be decided through free negotiations between the social partners adding that, of course it must increase according to the improvement of the economy.
He repeated his party's adamant position on the name of FYROM noting that "ND will vote against the Prespes agreement. "It is an agreement of shame that hands over, for the first time, the Macedonian identity and language to our neighbours".
 In parallel he sent a message to the FYROM government that "if the agreement signed by SYRIZA government is not voted by the Greek parliament then the other side should be aware that the negotiation will start from the beginning".