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Deputy citizen protection minister wants to send anarchists the bill

Featured Deputy citizen protection minister wants to send anarchists the bill

Opposition to the media embargo, both by SYRIZA and by New Democracy, was expressed by the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection and head of the party, "NEO", Katerina Papakosta.

"There should be no embargo anywhere," she said, explaining that "apart from the Karamanlis school of thought, I am also with that of Kazantzakis. When you are absent in order not to incur party costs, you are absent from the country's affairs. Kazantzakis, then, said, I take responsibility. I will blame if something goes wrong if this world does not work well. I consider the absence of public debate, politically incorrect in all cases. "

As Mrs Papakosta said, speaking to SKAI, "the party is not in the narrow limits of the New Democracy. There is a wider faction consisting of members of New Democracy, the Independent Greeks, NEO and perhaps other parties ".

"The ideas of the faction must prevail. I am of the Karamanlis faction. On August 20, an invitation was made to everyone and I responded. I have undertaken responsibilities that are beyond me, "she said.

Referring to the attacks of Rouvikonas, she said, "I do not like the image of how they are treated."

Ms Papakosta stressed that a redesign must be made to deal with it. "We need to look at the framework for identifying potential targets, under what conditions we need to provide security for our officials. I do not like the picture because I see vandalism of property and very much damage to the image of the country," she said.

As the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection said, "they are exposing and harming the image of the country and conducting old-time party politics."

"I do not know if they were sent home by taxi, I am thinking of sending them the bill," she commented.

She suggested that the leaders of the organization are known to the police, saying they are people who write openly on social media.

She stressed that it is not possible to allow anyone to cause damage that is paid with the money of taxpayers who have been "bled" during the time of the Memoranda.

As the head of NEO said, "our intention is to go autonomously to elections."