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Three women murdered at Evros, people smugglers sought

Featured Three women murdered at Evros, people smugglers sought

Three women were found on Wednesday afternoon by a farmer near the area of ​​Didymotechni Gorge bearing fatal wounds to the throat by a survival knife found in the area.

The victims are a woman about 30 to 35 years old, a younger woman and a  girl.

The three women may have a close relationship with each other, something that will be apparent from the results of DNA tests.

Each of the women was knit, and all three had a deep neck trauma. Two knives were identified at the point, one according to military type information.

The terrible sight was first seen by the first farmer, who went to his field to pwork. According to the first data, the three bodies were in the area for more than three days.

Victims may have originated in North Africa or Asia.

Police have begun investigations to identify victims and are looking for any useful clue.

However, the most likely scenario examined by the authorities is that the women wanted to cross illegally from Turkey to Greece through Evros and were murdered by slavers as an "example" because they did not pay the money for transport.