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German president tours ancient Messini

Featured German president tours ancient Messini

Continuing his visit to Greece, German President Franz Walter Steinmeier was in Kalamata early in the morning and then tourrd ancient Messini.

The German president and his wife are accompanied by Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

With a small electric "golf cart", they arrived at the ancient theater, after which followed a tour of the archaeological site by Professor Petros Themelis, who also had the direction of the excavations of ancient Messini.

Landmarks of the archaeological site are the Asclepieion and the theater that existed since the Hellenistic era, it was reconstructed in the years of the emperors of Augustus and Tiberius and in the middle of the 2nd century AD. but began to be destroyed from the late 3rd to early 4th century AD. Using stones from the theater, houses were built rocks in early Christian times, and one of the three Basilica located a short distance, SE of the theater.