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Why Tsipras does not break up with Kammenos

Featured Why Tsipras does not break up with Kammenos

The unresolved issues ahead of the government in the immediate future and up to the end of the year seem to be the reason why Alexis Tsipras did not seek a rupture now with the government partner ANEL.

According to information, the subject of Panos Kammenos and what he said in the US was raised by Nikos Filis and was discussed - not extensively - by the members of SYRIZA. The prime minister, according to the same information, seemed to recognize that there is a problem as Panos Kammenos has differentiated his stance from the government line.

However, he pointed out that the image of SYRIZA cadres is not helped by going out every day and taking "shots" at the defense minister and government partner. Most have concluded that there is a need for a uniform attitude towards Panos Kammenos, and collectively for the party to decide on its next moves.

They fear a break up before the bills

The fact that SYRIZA has decided to bring the bills for the promises made by the Prime Minister at the TIF in the immediate period, and this leaves no room for a falling outof the government partners. There are projects ahead, according to Alexis Tsipras, that need to be legislated by Christmas retroactively, reducing insurance contributions, reducing property taxes and, of course, the issue of pensions.

Other SYRIZA cadres, for their part, noted that the president of ANEL is the one who is in panic. For this reason, SYRIZA and the government should - as they say - focus on the positive agenda on the basis of the Constitutional Revision, the legislation on the reduction of ENFIA property taxes and tendering a budget without the measure of the pension cuts.

With Kammenos returning to Greece from the United States on Sunday, the two government partners should be expected to reassess the data.

There was annoyance in the government due to the statements of ANEL spokesman Theodoros Tosounidis. The Prime Minister's associates, following the comments of the ANEL spokesman, that they can not rule out a motion of censure from ND, have rushed to ask for ... explanations. He allegedly claimed that they somehow distorted what he said. Finally, after many communications within ANEL, with Mr. Tosounidis talking to Terence Quick and Thanasis Papachristopoulos, both of whom expressed their annoyance about what he had said.