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POTAMI links the Prespa agreement with the vote of confidence in the government

Featured POTAMI links the Prespa agreement with the vote of confidence in the government

To POTAMI party is linking he granting of a vote of confidence to the government, in the case of the withdrawal of ANEL, to the vote in Parliament for the Prespa agreement.

"If Mr Kammenos leaves, we find it inconceivable that the government will not confirm Parliament's confidence before proceeding to any other legislative initiative," MPs said shortly after the end of their parliamentary group meeting to journalists.

It is worth noting that the decision seems to have been unanimous, regardless of the views of each of the members concerning the Prespa Agreement, since Mr. Danellis and Mr. Tsiodras and Mr. Lykoudis and Mr. Amyras also sided with this decision. It is recalled that just this morning, the POTAMI Parliamentary Deputy Speaker Giorgos Amyras said in the House of Parliament: "If Mr. Kammenos leaves, ask for a vote of confidence if you dare otherwise and forget Prespa and forget Trichonida".

A few hours later, however, the head of the party, Stavros Theodorakis, responding to a journalist's question about what his cadres had said, replied dryly "I did not say anything". In a statement he even seemed to erase the conditions of his deputies as he set out the national interest without even mentioning the need for a vote of confidence.

According to information, Messrs. Stavros Theodorakis, Giorgos Mavrotas, Spyros Lykoudis, are in favor of "yes" to the Prespa Agreement, after a vote of confidence in the government. Grigoris Psarianos and Giorgos Amyras are negative. Given is the positive attitude of Spyros Danellis who will vote "yes" to the Prespa Agreement and if requested will give a vote of confidence to the government.