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Second Athens Cannabis Expo

Featured Second Athens Cannabis Expo

The inauguration of the 2nd Athens Cannabis Expo took place today in the closed stadium of Palaio Faliro (Tae Kwan Do building).

The exhibition will be open until Sunday, January 13, and those who visit it will be able to see more than 150 businessmen from Greece and abroad. They will also be able to buy food, clothing, building materials, cannabisol (CBD) products, crop products, cosmetics, seeds, vaporizers as well as pharmaceutical preparations.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Stavros Arachovitis, the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food, Vasilis Kokkalis, the Deputy Minister of Economy and Development Stergios Pitsiorlas, the Deputy Minister of Economy and Development Stathis Giannakidis and the Attica Regional Director, Rena Dourou.

Ministers took a tour of the exhibition where they talked to producers as well as patients, learning the latest developments in the field of cannabis cultivation.

An appeal to the world to visit the 2nd Athens Cannabis Expo was addressed by the Minister of Rural Development and Food Stavros Arachovitis speaking at the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency while stressing that "cannabis has a very long history of thousands of years in Greece and only in the last year was criminalized and abdicated .

Unfortunately, ignorance and phobias of the past have led to the criminalization of a crop that can produce excellent products in clothing as well as help our fellow-human being, relieving him of pain but also of a number of other diseases. "

Mr. Arachovitis also noted that "today's government does not have such" unscientific "approaches, that it approaches it scientifically, approached it with a plan, without taboo and without fear, but only on the basis of scientific facts" and concluded "the legislation is changing, evolving to help grow crops. We hope and intend to make cannabis cultivation attractive to the country so that we can attract real investment and create new jobs. "