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Six MPs to support SYRIZA government in vote of confidence

Featured Six MPs to support SYRIZA government in vote of confidence

As expected, Panos Kammenos chose to withdraw from the government by making some very convenient arrangements for the prime minister and for the continuation of the SYRIZA government.

These arrangements and the departure of Kammenos, were described by main opposition New Democracy as a "directed divorce" in its announcement, since the manipulations of the two upcoming government partners prove that the resignation of the Minister of Defense was rather symbolic and was not done to damage the Prime Minister's plans but, on the contrary, to strengthen them. "The last fig leaf has fallen," commented ND sources after the alleged withdrawal of ANEL from the government.

The Prime Minister, who in January has two very critical processes to face, the vote of confidence and the Prespa Agreement, is getting the necessary help from ANEL MPs who will vote for one and the other despite the divorce.

Especially for the vote of confidence, which will be voted next Wednesday in Parliament, Mr. Tsipras will have (with the blessings of Panos Kammenos) four votes from the members of ANEL for the continuation of the government: Elena Kountoura, Vasilis Kokkalis , Thanasis Papachristopoulos and Kostas Zouraris.

A "willing" MP from Potami has to be counted among them: Spyros Danellis will vote for confidence in the government, although Potami has stated the opposite intention.

According to some information all six "willing" MPs have already negotiated with the Prime Minister and have received guarantees for rewards.

Sources say that Katerina Papakosta has asked to be appointed Minister of Public Order in the next reshuffle, and it is certain that she will soon find a position on the government's ballot papers.

Kostas Zouraris, despite his patriotic rhetoric against the Prespa Agreement, is preparing to give a vote of confidence to the government. He has been promised the Macedonia-Thrace ministry, which will remain vacant after the departure of Katerina Netopoulou, who will be run for mayor of Thessaloniki.

Another member of ANEL, possibly Mr Papachristopoulos, can not be excluded from filling in the vacancy left by Nassos Iliopoulos, Deputy Minister of Labor, after he will run for the municipality of Athens.

Elena Kountoura is also expected to be rewarded for her total dedication to the Tsipras government, by remaining in the Ministry of Tourism and, according to some sources, has already been promised a seat on SYRIZA's State ballot.

Spyros Danellis will not be left complaining. Although he will not assume the position of a minister since he comes from another party, he is expected to claim a position with the SYRIZA ballots and to rescue himself from a possible wreck of Potami at the ballots.

Even admiral Evangelos Apostolakis has, according to information, received assurances and rewards for accepting the post of the Minister of Defense and replacing Panos Kammenos and is expected to be placed in a voted position on the SYRIZA State ballot! It should be noted that the a left-wing government places an officer as minister has caused a stir among many circles and analysts, especially following the bellicose rhetoric against Turkey by Mr Apostolakis.

Katerina Papakosta, after securing the Undersecretary of Citizens Protection, said she would support the government and in all likelihood also vote for the Prespa Agreement.