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Kammenos strikes off Kountoura and Kokkalis leaves ANEL

Featured Kammenos strikes off Kountoura and Kokkalis leaves ANEL

Panos Kammenos has struck off Elena Kountoura from ANEL party list.

"Mrs Kountoura, with her official announcement, decided to exchange her vote and the name of Macedonia with the ministerial chair. I place her now outside the parliamentary group of the INDEPENDENT GREEKS," Mr. Kammenos wrote on Twitter, announcing the deletion of Mrs Kountoura.

It is recalled that Elena Kountoura is among the six willing members who allegedly had agreed with the Prime Minister before the divorce of ANEL with SYRIZA. Now the ANEL Parliamentary Group has 6 MPs. However, it seems that it will diminish further, as the deputy minister of Rural Development, Vassilis Kokkalis, is expected to be removed. However, this is probably where the deletions will stop with Panos Kammenos retaining the necessary number of MPs in his parliamentary group so as not to lose the privileges of party leader.

Kokkalis gives a vote of confidence and leaves ANEL

His intention to vote for confidence in the government was revealed, through his statement at onlarissa.gr, by the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food, Vassilis Kokkalis.

Through this announcement, Mr. Kokkalis basically confirmed the information that he was on a different line from Panos Kammenos and ANEL. In particular, he said, "I have a deep belief that this government should have the opportunity to complete its work with a series of great reforms and laws that will restore normalcy to the country and remove any destabilization scenario.
For this reason, I will give confidence to the government. "
Indeed, after talking to the AMNA news agency, he said that he was independent, apparently in an effort to prevent Panos Kammenos from striking him off.

Earlier, Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura, who had virtually distanced herself from Panos Kammenos, while on a visit to China, had issued a statement in which he basically clarified that he did not intend to leave his ministerial post, but support the government, and that he was not involved in petty games.