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Students rally against education ministry changes

Featured Students rally against education ministry changes

Students have organized a rally for this afternoon at the Athens University Propylaea, responding to the changes in education promoted by the Ministry of Education and minister Kostas Gavroglou.

The new examination system and the changes in the Lyceum are expected to be announced tomorrow by the Ministry of Education. "There will not be big differences from a communication of our proposal last September," said Education Minister Konstantinos Gavroglou and stressed: "The basic spirit of the changes is the completion of the curriculum in the 2nd Lyceum grade so that the 3rd Lyceum is a year of preparation for admission to Tertiary Education. We also want children to be admitted to some university departments only with the high school certificate. We have already announced the matter, we will announce the introduction system. There will be more favorable provisions for children and teachers. "

The call for the Student Coordinator is about 12 o'clock as, as he tells Konstantinos Gavroglou, "we will not be the guinea pigs of the government", explaining that "the unacceptable bill makes our school even more devastating."

"There is no change in the examination system and in the lyceum while it is a matter of months for national elections to be held", the spokesman for the New Democracy Maria Spyraki has already asked the Education Minister, while Niki Kerameos, the Education Officer of the Opposition, has called for the stopping of the dealings of the Ministry of Education on this crucial issue, calling on the government not to make any changes at this last hour.