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Greek Journalists Strike Over Media Draft Law

A 24-hour strike is being held today in Greece, by a compilation of journalists' unions over a draft law that was brought to Parliament on Friday, according to reports.

The protest began 10:00 a.m. GST and will close tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. The unions are blaming the government of favoring media heads in the amendment, that will result in massive layoffs.

Collaboratively the unions stated, "The amendment allows media groups to merge with the excuse of reducing costs but in effect provides indebted businessmen a path to safety", as reported by Kathimerini. They are requesting the alteration of the ammendment; SYRIZA has also demanded the withdrawal of the draft law.

The 22-paged tabled bill considers workers employed by the same body of companies as being from the same agency, and allows them to sidestep firing protocols.

It also permits radio stations to alter their content through the National Council for Radio and Television, and not through the state. The amendment also lets publishers and broadcasters issue a nuisance tax on advertisers.