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Latest poll gives ND a 9%-point lead over SYRIZA

The latest opinion poll in Greece, released on Thursday, has New Democracy (ND) party fielding a 9-percentage-point lead over incumbent SYRIZA, with less than two weeks left before the July 7 general election.

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Helleniko project undermined by outgoing SYRIZA gvt

A nascent "feud" between the international consortium that's won a concession for the massive Helleniko property development in southeast Athens and the outgoing Tsipras government, given that the privatization remains mired in Greece's ubiquitous "red tape", surfaced anew this week - less than two weeks before a general election.

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Gvt blocks toll hikes, after agreeing, as elections loom

The outgoing government on Thursday issued a legislative order essentially forbidding a planned increase in rates in the greater Athens area's sole tollway (Attiki Odos), following a recommendation by the relevant transports minister.

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