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Albanians terrorize Greeks in minority villages

Albanian nationalists are setting up a scenario like the incidents at Vouliarates, this time in the Greek minority village of Krania in Northern Epirus, intensifying the climate of terrorism against the Greek population after the execution of Kostantinos Katsifas.

  • Published in Diaspora

Italian Regional Institute: Albanians are 40% of FYROM population

A report by the Italian Regional Institute in collaboration with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), notes the distribution of the population in FYROM ('R. Maqedonisë Veriore' as it calls it) and summarizes it in a table showing the percentage per cent of the population of the country with its national distinction.

  • Published in World

The Trojan war in which Turks fought Albanians

BBC and Netflix might be presenting Homer’s mythical hero from the Iliad, Achilles as African, but it seems Turkey and Albania, apart from FYROM, of course, have also joined in the “party” of cultural appropriation and are claiming Achilles as a part of their historical legacy.

  • Published in Greece
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