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Experience The Magic of Greece

By Yanna Darilis

While living in Greece I had the great fortune of filming 70 travel segments for my show Hellenic Weekly. This was a truly unforgettable experience for me, and how I truly discovered the magic of Greece. This summer I suggest spending your vacation in Greece.

Religious Tourism in Greece (Photos and Videos)

Religious Tourism in Greece
By: Yanna Darilis

There are so many reasons to visit Greece, however, other than the ancient sites and cultural history, the amazing site seeing of nature, the beaches and the lifestyle, there is a special tourism attraction, the Christian religion. Greece was one of the first cradles of Christianity and the prevailing religion in Greece is the Orthodox Christian faith. As part of the Byzantine Empire, Greece established Christianity as the country's official religion in 380 AD. It is closely tied to the nation's identity due to the large contribution in the preservation of the Greek language, literature and arts during the Ottoman Empire. This resulted to a very rich religious tradition, with an impressive variety of local customs in major celebrations that add even more spirituality, mystery and meaning.

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