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Melania Trump chic by Greek designer

Featured Melania Trump chic by Greek designer

Thursday was a festive nightat the White House, with Donald Trump with his whole family joining  in the so-called "Congressional Picnic."

However, it was Melania Trump that stole the spotlight, both for her dress and her demeanor, as she was sweeter than ever with the .

Originally, the dress, designed by Greek designer Mary Katranzos, was white, tapering at the waist and widening at the hem, while the colorful vertical and horizontal stripes lent a more playful tone.

The dress, which left the First Lady's shoulders uncovered and had a small tear on the side, was completed with a tiny waistband that emphasized her waist and suede pink pumps matching the lines of her dress.

Of course, international media noted the cost of the dress at $ 2,225, a price in line with most Katrantzos creations.