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Tiny eco -cabin springs up on Greek-Turkish border

Featured Tiny eco -cabin springs up on Greek-Turkish border
Far from the bustling city life and the comforts of urban civilization, a hut "sprung up" in a valley on the Greek-Turkish border. 
Turkish architectural firm SO ?, designed the cabin on the border, which aims to provide contact with nature.Whoever decides to stay in the 18 sq. M. "hut"  wants to enjoy the peace and the magic of nature, as there is nothing around and live without electricity, natural gas and neighbors.
"On a warm, rainy afternoon, the polycarbonate window turns into a dome allowing one to lie down and look at the sky over the wooden façade that turns into a porch," the architectural office notes, according to designboom."The design of a modern building in nature is not just about collecting rain water, using solar energy or installing it according to the sun and the wind. It involves a more direct connection to nature," the architects note.