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FYROM referendum abstention augurs elections

Featured FYROM referendum abstention augurs elections

The ambiguity of the situation in FYROM could mean the small Balkan nation will be led to early elections, as PM Zaev said after the result of Sunday’s referendum.

it was an option he would consider for the end of November if the result of the referendum was not approved in Parliament.
A referendum to change the name of Macedonia failed to secure the 50 per cent turnout required to make the vote valid, the head of the election commission said on Sunday.

“On this referendum, it is clear that the decision has not been made,” election commission head Oliver Derkoski told reporters.

With 85.71% of the electoral divisions in favour counted, 91.37% (593.315 votes) voted YES and 5.64% NO (36.596 votes). However, participation in the referendum – according to official figures half an hour before closing the polls had just voted 34.09% of the electorate – was too low, which could essentially be seen as a disapproval of the proposed agreement.

The Prime Minister of FYROM, ZZoranZaev said he would now have to speed up the procedures for possible NATO and EU membership and ensure a better future. “And we have called on the opposition and all political parties to unite around the state and national interests and to overcome narrow party interests.”