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First Epitaphios in Smyrna after 92 years

For the first time after the destruction of Smyrna (present day Izmir), 92 years ago, Greeks participated in a litany of the Epitaphios through the streets of the once capital of Ionian Hellenism.

Kasidiaris mocks Greek Justice

Golden Dawn deputy Ilias Kasidiaris has chosen once again to play provocateur, this time through a poster for his campaign for Athens mayor, showing him handcuffed being led to justice.

Pangalos offends Cretans... this time.

The tragic accidental killing of a 40 year old on Crete during celebratory gunshots fired as a custom, on the island, have led to numerous calls to curtail illegal firearms that are a tradition among Cretans, but none were so inflammatory as the ones uttered by retired politicians Theodoros Pangalos.