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Civil servants to see exit in 2014

The restructuring of the public sector and the responsibilitιes of the Greek state to fire or suspend civil servants in 2014 will be tabled in the new cycle of negotiations with the troika.

Efstathiou names bribe recipients

Panayotis Efstathiou gave a whole account of who, when, and why he paid off a number of persons to prosecuting authorities. in a detailed memo submitted to prosecutors.

Hospital ticket divides government

The Ministry of Health’s introduction of a 25-euro “ticket” for admission in public hospitals has sparked a political conflict between the coalition government partners New Democracy and PASOK. To avoid further escalation, the Deputy Minister of Labor Vasilis Kegeroglou stated that the government will revise the measure.

Uninsured patients at risk of life

The Elliniko Metropolitan Social Clinic announced, on Friday, that a 66-year-old cancer patient without insurance, who was receiving care after being refused admission at public hospitals, has passed away.

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