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Marinakis for Piraeus Mayor

Piraeus Metropolitan Serapheim is urging shipowner and Olympiakos FC president Vangelis Marinakis to run for mayor of Piraeus. Mr Marinakis, whose father had been on the city council is seriously contemplating running, with Petros Kokkalis the son of the former Olympiakos owner, on his ticket.


ND ahead of SYRIZA in new poll

A poll carried out by the ALCO company and published in the newspaper Proto Thema shows the New Democracy party slightly ahead of the main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA).

What of banks after the multi-bill?

Structural reforms have been the focus of the new multi-bill, which narrowly passed in parliament last night, but bank recapitalization was another important provision. It is expected to change the rules of the bank game and assist banks in their transactions and bail-in needs.

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