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The man responsible for Athens' water supply believes wildfire result of energy weapons

Direcetd Energy Weapons may be behind the fire in Mati according to the vice-president of EYDAP(Athens Water and Sewage) and co-governing ANEL party official, Giorgos Maistralis.

In fact, he calls on his friends to answer if these are conspiracy theories or if they know something about it.

Giorgos Maistralis writes that he watched strange videos and YouTube posts linking the recent deadly extreme weather events in Greece (fires, downpours, floods) to the theory of an attack with "directed energy weapons" ...

Extending his queries, Mr. Maistralis quotes his experience of watching related videos and wonders how it is possible for a fire to have burned cars, to have melted the aluminum wheel hubs, but the asphalt remained unscathed

Giorgos Maistrali's post has caused a party on Twitter, others write about nephilim that attacked Athens, others about aliens, and others wonder how it is possible for a man in such a crucial position in the state apparatus to formulate such outrageously absurd theories.

Mr. Maistralis, in addition to the sensitive position of the vice-president of the company - that manages the wealth of EYDAP - is also a member of ANEL, after having run as a candidate for deputy in Chios.