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Tsipras: Submarines Huge Scandal

"A huge political, economic, and defense scandal," was how SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras characterized the contracts for the purchase of six German-designed Type-214 submarines by Greece.

Samaras Gives Speech at St. Nicholas Church in Flushing

Translation By Lisa Darilis

Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras received a warm welcome from the congregation of St. Nicholas of Flushing, NY on Sunday. Following the Divine Liturgy yesterday, he gave his own message to the Golden Dawn Party. Samaras declared that when someone believes in violence and intolerance, they will find themselves answering to all Greeks.

Venizelos' Speech at the UN

In his speech at the 68th General Assembly of the UN, government vice president and foreign minister, Evangelos Venizelos, highlighted a number of issues including illegal migration, the concern of Greece for peace and stability in the Middle East, relations with FYROM and Turkey, and the Cyprus issue.

Looking for Golden Dawn's Weapons

Police are searching for Golden Dawn's arsenal throughout the country, with a unit of the counter-terrorism squad in Ioannina searching the house of MP Christos Pappas.

Golden Dawn's Port Business

Among the Golden Dawn members arrested over the weekend, two, Christos Kyritsopoulos, and Anastasios Michalaros, were workers in the Perama Ship Repair Zone. Their arrests has shed light on the party's efforts to take over the Zone as a veritable fiefdom.

Troika Halts Talks

Troika representatives have temporary halted their talks with Greek officials, saying the negotiations on the next amount to be released for the bailout package are set to resume soon.

Athens Flying Week

Athens Flying Week, the greatest airshow event in Athens rounded up a wonderful week for air enthusiasts, on Sunday.

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