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Greece Announces Offshore Drilling Plans, London

Environment, Energy and Climate Change Minister Yiannis Maniatis announced Greece's offshore hydrocarbon exploration plan permits for Crete and the Ionian Sea, in London today.

The Minister described, "Greece's goal of becoming a major oil and gas producer is not just a Greek myth but based on firm parameters", as reported by ANA-MPA.

Maniatis' offered geological study data that analyzed 225,000 square kilometers, conducted by France's gas and oil agency BEICIP-Franlab. The concessions include 20 blocks of gas drilling.

The Minister stated: "All the major political parties support the development of the hydrocarbon sector and most political parties wish to participate in its future success. Disagreement on this issue is considered almost unpatriotic".

The Minister declared that domestic energy source findings abided by European policies. He promoted Greece's strategic location, "...at the crossroads of western and southeast Europe and the new and traditional sources, making Greece the EU's gateway for the Southern Corridor".

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