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No fiscal gap says FinMin

The government considers that, as in the past estimates have been proven true, there will be not fiscal gap and this is the most serious disagreement with the troika, Finance Ministry sources said on Tuesday referring to comments made to radio stations that the government has proposed additional fiscal measures to the troika in order to cover a possible gap in the State Budget.

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Germans question Greek fiscal gap

Where does the fiscal gap in Greece stand? Which of the estimates is correct? Is it that of the Greek side or that of the Troika? Suspicion lies in the nebulous middle ground.

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Foreign Press Sees Problems with Gvt Figures

An article in today's Frankfurter Allgemeine, mentions that the 2014 budget belies an unfathomable, as of yet, fiscal gap, noting that it will have to be altered so that the Troika can finalize the round of negotiations in January, citing an announcement from Brussels.

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