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A "Contessa" in the Ionian, care of Levante Ferries

Levante Ferries brought a new ship to the coast. This is the ship Contessa di Levante (formerly Queen Coral 8), which was built in Japan in September 1999. It is 140 meters long and 20.5 meters wide, while developing a maximum speed of 24 knots and a service speed of 22 knots.

As the shipping company points out in a statement "faithful to its growth strategy and against the difficult conditions that prevail, it proudly announces and welcomes its new acquisition and sixth ship of its fleet, the master of the Ionian Sea! A ship of exceptional characteristics and specifications, which changes the data in the Ionian Sea ".

Its capacity, after the conversion and when it sails in Greek waters, will be 1000 linear meters, which means that it will transport more than 430 cars or 60 trucks of 16.5 meters or 80 trucks of 12 meters, and over 1300 passengers.

"The Contessa di Levante will be upgraded and adapted to the company's standards, so that it is another safe and luxurious ship, worthy of our islanders and sailors," the statement added. This move is part of the design of Levante Ferries, which provides even better service to the needs of our islands, for their further development and prosperity. At Levante Ferries we always sail with our central vision "The Ionian First". And we continue… " the announcement concludes.

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Seismic activity continues in the Ionian Sea

Seismic activity continues in the Ionian Sea, where sixteen minutes before five in the morning, seismographs of the National Seismological Network recorded a vibration of 4.6 degrees of the Richter scale, the Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens reported.

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