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Crossing The Atlantic

By Christodoulos Athanasatos

(Translation By Lisa Darilis)

As I look at studies and statistics, watch the number of Greek immigrants rising, and learn more from the news, I find myself wondering in what category I would be placed in.

When you're done with the propaganda, allow me to believe in my own Polytechnion

Written by Christodoulos Athanasatos

(Translation in English: Lisa Darilis)

My occupation with journalism and politics brings me to question everything. It brings me to search behind words, faces, and situations. It makes me play with strategy, differentiate between the "political line" and the "idealogical shade," and, call into question whether to elevate or downgrade a situation.

If Aravella was living in Greece...

By Christodoulos Athanasatos

(Translation By Lisa Darilis)

"It is important to us that we have a good hospital in Astoria. When my father had a cardiac episode, we had to take him to Mount Sinai in Manhattan. Unfortunately, this happens here everyday."

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