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Interior Minister: No issue of early elections

"There is no early elections issue and the government has made it crystal clear" said Interior Minister Panos Skourletis in an interview with Athens Macedonian News Agency, on Sunday.

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The Quaint Village of Kastaniani in Epirus,Greece

Nestled in the mountainous Greek Northwestern region of Epirus lies the quaint village of Kastaniani (Kastanea). Kastaniani is one of the most picturesque and well-preserved villages of the 42 villages under the prefecture of Konitsa, which falls under the larger jurisdiction of Ioannina.Kastaniani has 100 permanent occupants between the spring and the fall seasons, as the rest of the occupants have moved to bigger cities of Greece, and abroad to escape age-old hardships and seek better opportunities.

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Την Κυριακή το camp της Super League Athletic Academy - Στη Νέα Υόρκη Άγγελος Μπασινάς - Γιούρκας Σεϊταρίδης

Στη Νέα Υόρκη βρίσκονται οι πρώην διεθνείς ποδοσφαιριστές, Άγγελος Μπασινάς και Γιούρκας Σεϊταρίδης, προκειμένου να δώσουν το παρών στο καμπ της Super League Athletic Academy, το οποίο ανοίγει και επίσημα τις εργασίες του την Κυριακή, 29 Ιουνίου, ανήμερα της μεγάλης μάχης της Εθνικής Ομάδας ποδοσφαίρου.

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