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Astoria's Greek Community Elated Over World Cup Win!

The Greek community of Astoria, NY was extremely elated over Greece’s win at yesterday’s World Cup game. Greece beat the Ivory Coast by 2-1, after not gaining any points in its first two games in Brazil. For the first time ever, Greece has advanced to the round of 16 national teams!

Inheriting The Greek Language in the United States

By Yanna Darilis

The Greek language is truly a gift to the development of European civilization, and its culture has influenced many people extending beyond the borders of Europe. Although many educated Europeans carried with them the love for the Ancient Greek language and culture upon settling in the New World, not much was known about the Greek culture as a whole.

Weddings affected by Crisis in Greece

Translation By Lisa Darilis

The crisis in Greece has affected many aspects of Greek life - even weddings. Wedding ceremonies have not only been affected in their numbers, but also on whether or not they will be conducted politically or religiously.  For the first time in decades, the number of political wedding ceremonies has surpassed  the number of religious ones. What is the difference? The cost and the reactions of the Greek Orthodox Church.

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