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Brittany Murphy's Final Film's Upcoming Release

Actress Brittany Murphy's final film is being released; over four years since her tragic death. "Something Wicked" will premiere on April 4th at its filming location in Eugene, Oregon. The independent film will initially be screened at Eugene's Regal Valley River Center 15. It will then be showcased at Seattle and Portland Regal theaters.

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Coach's daughter's death was a hoax

Translation By Lisa Darilis

He allegedly arranged his daughter's funeral, created a whole drama scene, whaled in front of dozens of people, and as a finale...he left to sign with another team? The reason for Ivan Tsop, the Slovenian coach of the handball team A.S. Ormi Loux of Patras, Greece, because he wanted to deceived a whole city in order to find an excuse to leave for Bosnia and sign a contract with the Borac of Banja Louka.

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