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Nanobionic- Smart Clothes

By Yanna Darilis - B.S Phys.ED

When asked to endorse a product I really need to do research and believe in it in order to represent it, and so before getting involved with Nanobionic I did extensive research on the the technology of Nanobionic which offers the benefits of Far Infra Red (FIR). During my research on the topic I was astonished at the health benefits, and the more I researched and simultaneously tested their products, the more I opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of Far Infra Red (FIR).

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Eleftheria Arvanitaki at Carnegie Hall - Electrifying Performance (PHOTOS)

By Yanna Darilis

Saturday night Carnegie Hall was transformed by the energy and magic of one of Greece most beloved, talented, beautiful artists, Eleftheria Arvanitaki. The lines stretched around the block of Carnergie Hall, as Greeks and an international audience flocked for this one night sold out concert. People without a ticket waited until the very end in hopes that perhaps there would be one seat available at the start of the concert.

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The Wonders of the Olive Tree

The Olive tree is the symbol of peace and victory and the symbol of the Greek Goddess of wisdom, Athena. Olive Oil has been used since antiquity and traded throughout time. Olive trees were native to Asia Minor and spread to the rest of the Mediterranean from 6000 BC. Olive Leaves were first used in Ancient Egypt for healing purposes. Today, it is revered for its health benefits and the main ingredient in the Mediterranean diet of which has proven an array of benefits to improve cardiovascular and overall health.

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