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Nazi Museum in Shipowner's Villa

Nazi flags, pictures of Hitler and other Nazi memorabilia were found by police searching the villa of fugitive shipowner Anastasios Pallis.

Police disclosed that in a secret room within the villa, located in the sea-side suburb of Voula, they found a veritable Nazi museum with flags, uniforms, posters, pictures and helmets, among other period items.

Police also found a number of pistols and revolvers including a 357 Magnum, a Walther 9 mm, four Glock 9 mm, and four Glock .45 (all of which were licensed), a recoilless rifle round, 24 scopes, a great number of magazines, large numbers of bullets of various calibers, a crossbow, two bows, a number of arrows, a Greek police riot shield, as well as cameras and video cameras, a large number of mobile phones, and communication devices.

A judicial case has been formed against the villa's caretaker.