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Long day and pregnant night for government and all Greece

Events augur a critical day long and a long night, which will determine the fate of the coalition but also of the country.

The process in Parliament for voting in favor of prerequisite measures began with the discussion of the bill in committees, presaging a stormy meeting in plenary. The government already counts potential losses in tonight's proceedings and may result in a broad reshuffle. In the shadow of differences within the government and Syriza, the climate is already tense in the House.

"We had to negotiate a tough deal. Time will tell if it will be economically viable," Minister of Finance Euclid Tsakalotos said in his speech. "It included recessionary measures and if people see the bright side that there is no Grexit, then you may end up with a component that will be towards development," he said among other things.

"The Greek parliament must not complete the blackmail toawrdasthe government," said parliament president Zoe Konstantopoulou. The discussion, which involved around 200 members from all committees, was expected to close at noon, while the plenary debate is scheduled to begin about two in the afternoon and in accordance with the Rules of the House should not exceed 10 hours, as said House vice president Yiannis Balafas.

The political focus is mainly on the attitude of the members of the coalition that react to the bill in the vote due to take place late tonight.

The bill contains two articles: one with the agreement and one with the prerequisites.

The joint meeting of members of the four relevant Committees are expected to last until noon, so they will be prepared by the rapporteur from the Conference of Presidents, for the Assembly to begin the discussion of the bill.

The aim is to have the bill voted at midnight, without excluding some delay.

All eyes are on the stance of Members of SYRIZA, given the responses that have been expressed for the measures contained in the agreement, and whether there will be more leaks during the vote to authorize the government to negotiate.

Already members of the Left Platform have made clear that they will not vote positively, seeking withdrawal of the agreement and proposing an option to adopt a national currency.

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