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Crass Comments in Thessaloniki Municipal Council

What began as a discussion on the travel expenses of Thessaloniki mayor Yannis Boutaris ended as an exchange of slurs and expletives between the mayor and municipal counselor Hristos Matis.

According to local site, Thestival.gr, the ruckus started over a trip the mayor took to Volos, with Mr. Matis asking why Mr. Boutaris did not carpool with the deputy mayor, also heading to Volos.

Mr. Boutaris noted that he used his own car and said the cost incurred was for his return from Athens, where he headed after his meeting in Volos.

Things did not stop there with Mr. Boutaris clamoring "Would I have to be responsible to you, if I went to Volos? What I had a girlfriend (not his exact wording)."

This prompted Mr. Matis to tell the mayor that his morals are not fit for the chambers of the municipal council, prompting the mayor to retort "You know where you can shove morals."

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