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Cooperation between Greece and China in the broadcasting sector

"China is a strategic partner for Greece not only for economic reasons but also because of the cultural depth of the relations between the two countries", stated Secretary General of Information and Communication Mr. Lefteris Kretsos, welcoming the delegations of the French-speaking Central Chinese TV network (CCTV) and the Chinese International Radio (CRI). Mr. Kretsos noted that media are a privileged area for further deepening these relations.

The two Chinese delegations met with the General Secretary of Information as well as with executives of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) on Thursday in order to discuss the broadening of the field of cooperation between Greece and China in the broadcasting sector.

CCTV and ERT executives reported on plans for a documentary on Byzantine relations with China at that time.

At the same time, regarding the radio landscape, the need to extend co-operation between public televisions and news agencies of the two countries through the exchange of technology and know-how was highlighted, as was the need for reciprocal promotion of the culture of the two countries.


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