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Culture minister ditches job to appear in play abroad

Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou has put ministerial duties on the back burner as she is in Berlin for a guest appearance in world renowned theatre director Robert Wilson's "Luther Dancing with the Gods".

Her partcipation, which will keep her away from her duties has garnered criticism from many quarters, as she has chosen to cater to her professional aspirations rather than to her political role, which as a minister, is a very time consuming job.
Koniordou was invited by Wilson to participate in the play, which celebrates the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's publication of the 95 Theses. According to legend, Luther hammered his theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. Koniordou will participate without remuneration. 
The Greek minister, who first worked with Wilson on "Odyssey" at the National Theatre of Greece in 2012, will be reading in Greek excerpts from the Bible and the Book of Revelation. Performances run to October 12.
In Germany, Koniordou will also meet with government and local officials on issues of cultural collaboration. 
On October 5, she will travel to Basel, Switzerland, for the inauguration of "Culturescapes", which will open with "The Great Tamer", produced by Dimitris Papaioannou.
On October 11, she will meet with French Culture Minister Francoise Nyssen at the annual Frankfurt Book Fair, where France will be the guest of honour, and their German counterpart, Monika Grueters.

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