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Cybertech chief : Greece could lead cyber revolution in the Balkans

Cybertechnology is taking up more space in our everyday life, and, as Amir Rapaport, founder of Cybertech - which organises the largest conference of digital technology in the world outside the USA - told the press, "the revolution that is currently in progress will change our lives forever."

Rapaport met with officials at the Ministry of Digital Policy while in Greece.
Although Greece has not yet absorbed the significance of digitization, Rapaport said, all the sectors of our life, from bank transactions and transport to health services are swept by this revolution. The introduction of cybertechnology in all these areas is inevitable. "This leads to the introduction of new economies as well as new ways of socialisation. We are using cybertechnology to call a taxi or to make a reservation in a hotel. The future holds more and more changes, changes we can't even imagine. Who could believe, some years ago, that cars could move without a driver?"
At the forefront of cybertechnology along with the United States and China, Israel today attracts 20 percent of the total international investments in the area of cybersecurity. 
Rapaport organised the first Cybertech conference in January 2014. Four years earlier, the Israeli government had set a target of making the top five countries in the world in which are pioneers in the cybertechnology. In this context, Israel founded a National Agency for Cyberspace under the direct supervision of the prime minister.
 "The new protocol on 5G networks will be announced in two months, a protocol that will be the basis for the network of things," Rapaport said, adding that a first step for Greece would be as a start to turn into a kind of hub, at least for the Balkans, in order not to miss out on the cyber revolution."

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