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Convicted German spying for Turks again in court

On Monday the case of a 66-year-old German, accused of spying on behalf of Turkey, and sentenced at first instance to a 14-year sentence, comes before the Joint Court of Appeal of the Dodecanese.

The 66-year-old was arrested on October 15, 2014, at 11.15, by Kos Security Department police officers, who identified the accused in a white car in Pyli, Kos, near the military post of "Portes".

A few minutes earlier, the German citizen had taken photos from the outpost, while a survey carried out on the vehicle found binoculars, a scope sight, and three camera memory cards. At his home, there were notebooks with handwritten notes, a hard drive, a computer and a tablet, video tapes, a cell phone and 6 USB Sticks. In the notes found, there were, among other things, coordinates of camps and public buildings. In addition, various documents were found in the Turkish language.

From the investigation that was carried out, there were photographs of military outposts and camps, an outpost where fuel is stored, of a military communications network, military high speed boats, vehicles and ships, utility vehicles, fortifications, even ofantennas, observatories and bridges on Kos!

Similar material was also found of military installations in Kalymnos. From the investigation and the depositions received, as well as from his own deposition, it is further alleged that during the four-year period 2009-2012 he lived in Turkey and for 15 years he served as a volunteer in the German army.

He confessed beforehand and before the Kos' Investigator what he was accused of, claiming that he received 2000 euros per month from two Turks, to whom he handed over the data he collected on digital storage discs. Indeed, this work had, as he said, started in the year 2011.

The accused testified that he had served in the German  army, had served in Turkey and was interested in military matters. He was born as he said in East Germany and was an officer. He then worked in industry, as a furniture fitter and as a locksmith. He comes from a rural family.

He claimed that the Turks approached him and asked him to provide them with some information and received 2000 euros in his account in Germany.

"They instigated all this. They had a lot of informers on the islands and they did not bother me much, so as not to "burn" me," he said, adding that they did not give him much information but realized he was in the early stages and they had used many people on the islands for information.

"They gave me the impression that I was in a small circle, my work was slightly outdoors, compared to others who were watching for example the movements of the ships etc. I never met these Turks, and communicated by computer.

A computer communication, like an e-mail, took a while betwen sending and response," he then said, pointing out that they had explicitly forbidden him to travel to Turkey telling him that if they needed to meet, that would be in Germany. He added that he believes the data he has given is not great secrets, or of great importance.

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