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Le Figaro waxes lyrical on winter in Athens

French newspaper Le Figaro writes about winter in Athens, stating that three exhibitions and a new opera are currently coming to life in the Greek capital and give visitors an opportunity to discover the dynamism of the city even though we are away from the peak of the tourist period.

Figaro refers to the exhibition "The Countless Faces of Beauty" at the National Archaeological Museum, the retrospective exhibition of Yannis Moralis - one of the most important painters of the 20th century in the Benaki Museum of Piraeus and the 6th Biennale of Contemporary Art on the subject "Anti" the word that embodies all contradictions: political, economic, social, systemic.

"It's in Greece that the reaction started, where to oppose has become the norm," says Poken-Yio, director of the Biennale.

The newspaper also presents the Stavros Niarchos Foundation's Culture Center with its new opera stage, which it is the most impressive symbol of the revamped Greek capital.

The newspaper also notes that the city center is being refreshed with small brushstrokes and is becoming more and more enjoyable with pedestrianized areas, bars and restaurants, hotels and multipurpose shops.

There is enough sunshine to fill the cafés and pedestrian streets of the city with people, Figaro writes in its article titled "Athens, winter suits her so much".

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