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Controversial court decision disappoints Bakari Henderson parents

The Greek justice system handed down a “light” verdict for the murderers of 22-year-old Bakari Henderson, who was murdered in July 2017 in Laganas, Zakynthos.

The court overturned the prosecution’s proposal and turned the homicide case by intention to fatal bodily injury for six of the nine accused.

For the remaining three, the Greek barman and the two Serbs, the court ruled that they were guilty only of bodily harm, and the charges against them was dropped.

One defendant was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, one was sentenced to 5 years, four were given 9-year sentences and three were acquitted.

The court decided not to give out suspended sentences to the accused who were transported to prison.

Bakari’s parents expressed their disappointment with the court’s decision. His mother told the reporters, “if this had happened in America there would be a different decision, I can not believe that a man was murdered, they threw him down and they hit him like a dog and they came back without remorse for what they caused. No remorse for the lost life of my child. We are not happy with the decision, I do not think this is justice for a murder, they killed a man in a dreadful manner”, she said in tears.

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