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Kotzias: Everything is fine with the Prespa Agreement

"Τhe Prespa agreement can and must pass," said President of the Moveμεντ "Praτto" Nikos Kotzias from Patras, on Monday, who spoke at an open political event held at the Technical Chamber. Continuing about the Prespa agreement and addressing the participants, Nikos Kotzias noted among others:

"I often hear criticism of the Prespa agreement. I am not saying about one or another well-meaning criticism, but about criticisms that reject it with a thought. Here is a question. Did we make a deal between a winner of a war and a loser?

Because only the winners of a war dictate terms and the loser necessarily accepts them. So, can you make a deal with someone who will not gain anything? That is, why compromise with you if he does not gain anything? And will not you compromise to get something?

Some say we should not give the language. The hypocrites have given it since 1977, gave it to the UN and entered it as the official languages ​​in the UN. Neither the Mitsotakis government nor the government of Papandreou went into negotiation, and they accepted the name of the neighbor of a northern country and its abbreviations as they wanted.

For three years, those who were teaching and pointing fingers did not negotiate. What better negotiation could they have done, as there is no negotiation in inertia that maintains the problems and does not provide solutions. "

Nikos Kotzias then mentioned, on the basis of what has been said lately, that "in the fight concerning the ancillary items that I am hearing these days, the principal issue is lost" and he explained: "The main thing is that this country changes the name forced by our negotiations."

The Prespa agreement abolishes all irrationality

Also, Nikos Kotzias stressed that "their Macedonianism has elements of irrationality, but the Prespa agreement abolishes all irredentism." At another point, the president of the "Pratto" movement underlined that "you can not continue to want the country - and we must and rightly seek it - to be the ruling power in the Balkans and be accepted, with some who want to each time destabilize your foreign policy."

Because, as he continued, "procrastination by the smaller partner of the government gives an image of a bad and deprecating country both internationally and the government itself, but also what the majority wants." He also said that "you can not move your finger to a smaller opposition party that wants to support you in the Prespa agreement and to tolerate your government partner undermining the country's credibility."

In fact, as he said earlier, responding to a reporter's question, "I did not see a change of course from Potami party wejust have to be polite with each other in the country and on the political scene," he said.

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