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World’s first Lost Atlantis Museum opens its doors on Santorini

Featured World’s first Lost Atlantis Museum opens its doors on Santorini

Heading to Santorini? There’s one more thing to add to your must see list – the Lost Atlantis Experience Museum.

A private initiative located near the village of Megalohori, it is the world’s first museum dedicated to the famous lost city, and opened its doors on the Greek island last month.

Santorini is a fitting location, given it is one of the locations in the Mediterranean where it is alleged the lost city may have been located. The theory is that between the 17th and 16th centuries BC, the Thera eruption caused a huge tsunami, swallowing the lost city.

The idea does seem to have some grounding in the writings of Plato who claimed that the mythical city was submerged into the ocean, after falling out of favour with the gods.

Visitors are given the chance to explore all these ideas at the museum. Situated in a unique building, it is fitted out with the latest interactive technology. 9D virtual reality, 3D holograms and dioramas mean visitors can experience everything from the island’s volcanic eruption and earthquake, to the tsunami.

For more information, visit https://www.lost-atlantis.com/

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