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Six-year old abducted from Athens is in Norway

Featured Six-year old abducted from Athens is in Norway

Six-year-old Rainer Jason Pedersenis reportedly in Norway, after being abducted from his mother's house in Kifissia.

The 6-year-old was abducted the day before yesterday and according to police sources is in Norway. According to the same information, the person who abducted him took him out of the country using a fake passport, flying in the first phase from Thessaloniki to Denmark.

All the evidence from the first moment showed that the father was behind the kidnapping of the child. The child was allegedly abducted by his uncle from his own house.

According to the information that has come to light in the last few hours, the child's parents were at odds with each other over his custody.

According to information, in fact, last night an email was sent to the lawyers of the father (in Greece) and the mother, from the side of the father, announcing that the child is in Norway. The lawyers, according to the same information, in turn, sent it to the "Child's Smile" and to the Hellenic Police.

The chronicle of the kidnapping of the 6-year-old
It all happened on Tuesday night when a hooded man snatched the 6-year-old from the house where he lived with his mother and grandmother. Amber Alert from "Child's Smile" was issued immediately. 6-year-old Rainer was in the house with his grandmother waiting for his mother to return.

At one point he heard a noise and ran to the door. It opened and then a man with a hood and full face mask grabbed him and put him in a white van. A security camera of a neighboring house recorded both the white van with the tinted windows and the movements of the perpetrator of the abduction from the moment he arrives outside the house of the 6-year-old.

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