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Larisa: Undertakers College

A proposal to create a school teaching the how-to of funerals was handed to relevant ministries by Michalis Panagiotou, the President of the Panhellenic Funeral Home Union.

The President of the Panhellenic Funeral Home Union, Michalis Panagiotou revealed his intention to inaugurate a school for teaching...funerals.

He believes that funerals should not be a business for “amateurs,” so he thought it out and handed his proposal to the relevant Ministries.  He proposes the establishment of a school for this purpose in the northern city of Larissa, where students will follow studies for two years.

Larissa was chosen because it has a University Hospital with a forensics department and is located in the center of Greece.

Courses will be taught by experienced teachers in the fields of biology, anatomy, funereal sociology, psychology, burial laws, make-up and hairstyle art,  as well as basic knowledge of how to run a business!

He expects his proposal to be examined in the coming months.

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