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Creditors will get their money back says Tsipras

“Creditors will get their money, even with SYRIZA,” is the title of an interview of Alexis Tsipras featured in Fortune magazine that circulates along with Parapolitika newspaper. Mr Tsipras also reiterates his demand for elections “tomorrow even,” if possible.

At the same as returning money to creditors, the president of SYRIZA is not backing an inch from the basic party platform for an abolition of the memorandum, through which, as he maintains, there will be an end to austerity and a change in policy.
Trying to correct his earlier statement as to whether money is available, or not, he explained that “We don't say that 'money exists'. We are saying that money can be found, only if, the policies of Samaras and Venizelos, are not just abolished, but completely overturned.”
Mr Tsipras also calls for zero tolerance to tax evasion and tax avoidance.” As concerns tax evasion, he noted, his government would understand that its scaled, and would therefore begin with large scale tax evasion, without ignoring, or abetting, lower and mid-level tax dodging. As he says: “We will tax incomes, not professions.”

The leader of SYRIZA also recounted the three possible ways that money could be garnered, from which the current government has yet to tap: the illicit fuel trade, cigarette smuggling, and the Lagarde List.

Mr Tsipras also left open the case of the Siemens scandal for which he thinks the out of court settlement in April 2012 was inadmissible and can be overturned, in three stages abrogation of the settlement, assessment of damages, and a court claim for restitution.

He also reiterated his promise for a rise in minimum wage to 751 euros a month for everyone, brushing aside government claims that it would lead to business closures and layoffs.

Mr Tsipras is asking voters to show the government, the exit door and states he is ready to form the first Left government in Greece, and pledges to call a European conference on the debt, in the first 100 days in government.

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