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Paris and Berlin threaten Ankara

France and Germany today accused Turkey of continuing to challenge the European Union with its actions in the Eastern Mediterranean and gave it a week to clarify its positions.

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With friends like these who needs enemies! - Minutes from the meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers

There is almost no Member State that does not publicly express its verbal solidarity with the Republic of Cyprus and Greece, but "behind closed doors" the picture changes, and in a disappointing way for the two Member States that are suffering from Turkish aggressive/expansionist pressures. This is shown by the minutes of the EU Foreign Ministers' meeting on 14 August.

By Stavros Lygeros

  • Published in Greece

Greece, Italy, Norway and Germany call for common EU measures to support tourism sector

The Greek Tourism Conderation (SETE), along with the associations from Germany, Italy and Norway cosigned a letter sent to Thierry Breton, European Commissioner of Internal Market and President of EC Tourism Committee, requesting a package of measures for the immediate support of the sector and the adoption of common health and safety protocols in travel.

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