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Cloudy future for the cruise industry

The shadow of the Omicron variant falls heavily on the cruise industry, with dozens of cases being found on cruise ships sailing in the Caribbean and other parts of the world. Cruise companies were forced to modify voyages, cancel cruises, and in many cases travel was cut short and ships returned to their ports of departure. At the same time, thousands of passengers were quarantined and medical protocols are being re-examined.

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Sani Resort - World’s Leading Family & Beach Resort in the world

Sani Resort, a top luxury holiday destination in Halkidiki, achieved a double distinction at the World Travel Awards 2021, taking 1st place in the category World's Leading Family & Beach Resort for the 3rd consecutive year and the 1st place in the category World's Leading Luxury Green Resort for the 2nd consecutive year.

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THI’s support for together for children protects kids in Greece

With the COVID pandemic surging in Greece, threatening family health, and being a drag on economic recovery, the vulnerability of children continues. The Hellenic Initiative’s donations to organizations like ‘Mazi Gia to Pedi - Together for Children’ (TFC) that make palpable differences in young lives are more important than ever. TFC’s mission is “to provide immediate and effective support to children, families, and individuals with disabilities who are in need,” and with its most recent donation of $30,000, total contributions of THI have surpassed $500,000. 

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