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Mihail Tiverios: The tomb was repeatedly looted

"For too many years the Kasta tomb was left to the appetites of antiquities looters, something shown by the major damage," said Academic and Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology at the Aristotle University Mihail Tiverios.

  • Published in Greece

Amphipolis excavator: This is not a Roman tomb

Speaking to journalists today Katerina Peristeri, the archaeologist overseeing the excavation of the Kasta tomb in Amphipolis, said that she was convinced that the tomb was constructed between 300 and 325 B.C.

  • Published in Greece

First projection of Amphipolis tomb entrance

The first design of the axonometric projection of the funerary monument by Ministry of Culture architect M. Lefantzis, has been completed showing the two intermediate walls the first of which bears the Sphinxes, and the second the Caryatids. Maintenance and stabilization works continue.

  • Published in Greece
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