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Ministry releases Amphipolis excavation video

The Ministry of Culture, released, for the first time today, footage from the excavation at Amphipolis. The video, lasting two minutes and 10 seconds, records the revelation of the mosaic, at the funerary monument of Amphipolis.

  • Published in Greece

Amphipolis mosaic fully revealed

Archaeologists have further excavated the beautiful mosaic discovered at the tomb in Amphipolis and revealed the figure of Persephone, confirming speculation that the scene depicted is the abduction of Persephone, Zeus daughter, by Hades.

  • Published in Greece

Broken door fragments uncovered at Amphipolis

As explained by archaeologist and head of the excavation, Katerina Peristeri, "the fall in parts of the marble door was caused or suffered by Bulgarian artillery shells in 1913 or the earthquake of 6.8 on the Richter scale that occurred in the 6th AD century or an earthquakes in the 19th century. We can not know if there was an attempt tat omb looting, only excavation will show us."

  • Published in Greece
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