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Le Figaro waxes lyrical on winter in Athens

French newspaper Le Figaro writes about winter in Athens, stating that three exhibitions and a new opera are currently coming to life in the Greek capital and give visitors an opportunity to discover the dynamism of the city even though we are away from the peak of the tourist period.

  • Published in Greece

Benaki Museum also targeted by oil-spray vandals

Yet another 'oil spray' attack on an Athens museum was reported on Monday, with signs of vandalism using a transparent, greasy substance found at the Benaki Museum following the first incident at the Byzantine and Christian Museum the previous month.

  • Published in Greece

Benaki Museum launches “One Minute Athens” video competition

The Benaki Museum’s Modern Greek Architecture Archives on Wednesday started accepting submissions for its ‘One Minute Athens’ video competition, inviting Athenians (and not only them) to enter their “one-minute slice” of the Greek capital, taken on their mobile phone, to the open international competition.

  • Published in Greece
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