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Tsipras: Upcoming election is like a second referendum

Sunday’s election battle is the second referendum for the future of Greece, SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday during an election rally in the town of Patras. 

“The battle of September 20 is the second great referendum for the future of our people and our country,” he said, adding that “on Sunday we vote to reject the return of the old status quo of servitude, dependence, corruption and vested interests.” 
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"Back or forward with Potami"

The dilemma facing voters at the upcoming elections is "whether we go back, or forward with Potami," the party's leader Stavros Theodorakis said on Wednesday, during a pre-election press conference broadcast on all Greek television channels. He predicted that Potami will emerge stronger from Sunday's polls and stressed that it was a force that will stabilise the country.

  • Published in Greece
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